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Repetition – not always the answer

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try try again’. We’ve all heard that mantra many a time especially while at school. After all what is homework if not repetition till you crack it? ‘Practice makes perfect’ is another . However … Continue reading

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No going back to the Drawing Board for UTC programme

Definitely not!  We need to make high quality technical education work in the U.K.  We already have a model which is far and away better than anything we have ever given young people before.  That is the University Technical Colleges … Continue reading

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Careers education for 4year olds

Well why not?  Children cannot aspire to something they don’t know about.  Careers education is after all about expanding horizons,  inspiring, exciting, explaining possibilities.  We need to remember young children form ideas and absorb stereotypes early,  apparently from 4 years … Continue reading

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School Governance – keep an eye on ethos and values. 

I’ve always believed in collaboration,  why wouldn’t you.  We can all learn from others and they from us.  That’s why I can never understand why successful schools are often reluctant to work with those facing greater challenges.  There is clear … Continue reading

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Languages – why ever not? 

‘As a nation we are poor at languages’. How often have we heard that and for how long?  We deplore it and want to be better but it seems that despite our good intentions and many initiatives we make little … Continue reading

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Women- it’s time again! 

Three times this week I have seen the evidence highlighted that it is still a man’s world and that’s too many times to ignore. All my working life, some 40 years, I’ve been aware of gender inequality but felt the … Continue reading

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MATs – friend or foe

My experience is overwhelmingly friend.  So why the deep concern.  Here are a few of my reflections. With the Secretary of State’s announcement yesterday there is time to stand back.  Since the Budget speech so much hype and news has … Continue reading

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