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‘Technology is Key’

This was stated at an International Women’s Forum (IWF) meeting today and it’s right.  One has only to judge by the rich debate that followed and the number of related issues brought to the table not all of them gender … Continue reading

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Turn class size upside down

Dame Julia Goodfellow was in the press this weekend in her role as President of Universities UK (UUK). Her preoccupations included the case for higher fees for science and medical degrees and the need to tackle the laddish culture in … Continue reading

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How long a day?? 

Watching ‘How Tough are our Kids?’,  the recent TV screening of the experiences of the Chinese School at the outstanding Bohunt School, set me wondering about length of the school day again. I felt rather embarrassed seeing the stampede at … Continue reading

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Destinations? Where next? 

If less than 10% of Year 11 expressed an interest in pursuing vocational learning as happened in a school I know recently, does it mean there is no demand for such a pathway for young people.  No surely not.  Rather … Continue reading

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Two years with the UTCs

It has been just over two years actually since I joined Lord Baker and his team at the Baker Dearing Trust (BDT).  Why join? Well these new schools , Universtity Technical Colleges, must be our best hope to establish a … Continue reading

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Read the small print

Details can be irritating,  it is so much easier to read the headlines.  This means that full understanding is never achieved whether it be over a new washing machine or a new policy.  The latter of course is much more … Continue reading

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Women Engineers

It was inspiring to read at the weekend about Professor Dame Anne Dowling’s achievements as an engineer.  Less inspiring to see she is the first woman to be appointed as President of the Royal Academy of Engineers but at least … Continue reading

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The London Academy of Excellence (LAE)

I read with real delight about the amazing achievements of the first students graduating from this newly formed Sixth Form College.  Large numbers have qualified for Russell Group universities including Oxbridge. These are young people from Newham, one of our … Continue reading

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Sidwell Company CCF

I’m all for expanding opportunities for young people and so when Gordon Brown, the then PM said he would fund five new cadet forces in state schools, I was the first to apply. Thus Sidwell Company CCF was born at … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions and Technology

Apparently the most common resolutions are related to living healthier lives. I am no exception in that nor I suspect in failing spectacularly ever to achieve them. However this year I have the Up Band to ensure success. Technology has … Continue reading

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